Projects in power sector of Kazakhstan, which are at the stage of completion, future ones and those in progress, worth over 2 trillion tenge are today in “Samruk-Energy” JSC portfolio. More than half of this amount falls on several large projects in Almaty region and Almaty city.  Serik Tutebayev, acting Chairman of the Board of “Samruk-Energy” JSC stated this data during the meeting with Marat Sultangaziyev, Mayor of Almaty Region.

Operations of companies that are part of “Samruk-Energy” JSC Almaty energy complex as well as issues and prospects of investment projects implemented by the company in the energy sector of the region and plans for gas infrastructure for CHP-2 facilities in Almaty city and CHP -3 in Almaty region were discussed at the meeting in Kunaev city.

According to Serik Tutebayev, Samruk-Energy is in strategic position in Kazakhstani energy system. The implementation of vital infrastructure projects in the country's energy sector and the promotion of activities taken to reduce adverse environmental impact are among key tasks that the company is addressing in 2022 and the coming years.

Almaty region offers many natural opportunities to produce green electricity in the Almaty region. To eliminate the energy shortage in the southern regions of the country, including the Almaty region, Samruk-Energy is implementing projects for the construction of renewable energy facilities. In addition, we are working on power facilities for generating power and connecting electrical energy to further develop the industrial, tourism and social potential of the region,” said the head of “Samruk-Energy” JSC.

We are talking about the implementation of the following projects in the region:

 - Construction of a 60 MW wind power plant in Shelek corridor including a possible increase in capacity up to 300 MW. The new power plant will secure the production of more than 226 mln. kWh of electricity per year using renewable energy sources and the generation of electricity without the consumption of hydrocarbon fuel.

- An increase in electricity generation at Moynak HPP by 100 mln. kWh per year. The project involves diversion of part of Kensu river runoff flow to the Bestyubinsk reservoir, which will expand the possibilities of capacity regulation for the Almaty region.

- Construction of the counter-regulating Kerbulak HPP on the Ili River. The implementation of the project will increase the regulating capacity of the Kapshagay HPP from 80 to 150 MW.

- Construction of a combined WPP, HPP with a capacity of 310 MW. The project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with the ability to balance electricity during peak loads.

- Retrofit of Almaty CHP-2 including mitigating adverse environmental impact. The construction of a new station at the site of the old one will reduce the negative impact on the Almaty city’s environment owing to transfer of CHP-2 to gas.

- Reconstruction of the Almaty CHP-3 based on a CCGT unit with an increase in the station's capacity up to 450 MW. The project involves the installation of combined cycle gas turbine unit at the station to partially cover the shortage of maneuvering capacities in the southern zone of Kazakhstan.

- Construction of "Kokozek" substation with connection to outdoor witchgear of "Kaskelen" SS. The implementation of this project will enable to cover the shortage of free capacities in the region necessary to provide a regulated service for the implementation of investment projects in the “Boraldai” Industrial Zone.

- Reconstruction of cable networks in Almaty city and Almaty region. Completion of the project will allow reducing losses in cable lines and decreasing emergency shutdowns.

- Development of networks of Shelek energy center. As noted by ‘Samruk-Energy” JSC experts, Almaty region has strong potential for development of renewable energy sources. According to the FS, the total output of RES facilities of the Shelek hub  - 603.7 MW. It is planned to build HPP-28, HPP-29, as well as “Saty” substation for generating power and connecting electricity for further development of “Kolsay” resort area. All the above-mentioned will create long-term conditions for development and improvement of the socio-economic situation in the region.

“Samruk-Energy” JSC representatives noted that the work in this direction is performed as part of priority projects in the area of gas supply, water supply, transport and energy implemented by Fund “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC and in accordance with strategic objectives of the Fund aimed at reducing the carbon footprint by 10 % next 10 years.

Several issues were also discussed during the meeting held at Almaty region’s Mayor Administration, the solution of which may be facilitated by the management of the region. In particular, topics related to the purchase of land plots for power transmission lines, financing and tariff setting were considered.

For reference:

The largest projects that “Samruk-Energy” JSC implemented in a mega city Almaty over 15 years of operation include: construction of 300 MW Moynak HPP; construction of a unique 2 MW solar station in Kapshagay; construction and commissioning of 38 substations, with a total increase in transformer capacity - more than 3500 MVA; construction of power grids with a voltage of 220 kV, which enabled to create a ring around Almaty city, by combining 500 kV master substations of “KEGOC“ JSC and 220 kV hub substations of “AZhC” JSC.


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