One of the notable projects undertaken by “Samruk-Energy” JSC in the realm of renewable energy source development involves the refurbishment and modernization of the HPP Cascade situated in the Almaty region. This power station stands as one of the region's oldest facilities and is under the ownership of “APP” JSC, which is a subsidiary of the largest Kazakh electric power conglomerate.

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A meeting was recently convened in Astana between the executive staff of “Samruk-Energy” JSC and representatives from the Swiss consulting firm, AFRY Switzerland. The primary agenda of this meeting revolved around assessing and discussing the prospects of a comprehensive initiative aimed at investigating the potential for upgrading Kazakhstani hydropower plants, specifically focusing on HPP Cascade.

AFRY Switzerland specializes in diverse sectors such as energy, industry, infrastructure, and information technology. The World Bank has enlisted their expertise as part of a collaborative effort with the Republic of Kazakhstan in the hydropower sector to enhance the efficiency of environmentally friendly power generation facilities.

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 news se 05 09 23 1

During this meeting, Kairat Maxutov, the Chairman of the Board of “Samruk-Energy” JSC, along with the company's experts in design and production, were presented with a work plan and proposed solutions regarding the execution of research endeavors associated with the revitalization and modernization of hydropower plants. According to Kairat Maxutov, the project's primary objective is to harness the hydraulic resources of Bolshaya Almatinka River effectively, thereby amplifying electricity generation at the rejuvenated hydropower stations.

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As informed during the meeting, the feasibility study, planned by the Swiss company, will encompass two phases, culminating in an analytical report delineating technological specifications, project costs, and the timeline for implementation.

Subsequent to the discussions held in Astana, AFRY Switzerland's technical consultants intend to travel to Almaty for on-site research at the HPP Cascade.


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