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The project title: "Construction of 60 MW wind power plant in the Shelek corridor including a possible increase up to 300 MW."

The project implementation goal: The project addresses one of production tasks of Samruk-Energy JSC - minimization of adverse environmental impact through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The issue of implementing such projects is among the priorities for meeting international commitments of the Republic of Kazakhstan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, to which the Republic of Kazakhstan has been a party since 1997. The implementation of the Project is in line with the mission and main strategic goals of “Samruk-Energy” JSC

The project description: The selected site near the Nurly village of Enbekshikazakh district of Almaty region is suitable for the construction of a wind farm, as there is a good wind potential with an average speed of 8.1 m/s. The possibility of connecting to power grids for WPP’s power production has been agreed.

Implementation period: 2011-2022

Status: The following works have been completed:

- construction of on-site roads and access roads 95%;

- work on pouring foundations for 24 wind turbines 100%;

- installation of 8 wind turbines 100%;

- construction of a 110kV overhead line from SS-110/35kV "WPP Shelek 60MW" to SS-220/110/10kV No. 68I "Shelek" by 98% and OHL-35kV  90%;

- construction and installation works relating to SS-110/35kV "WPP" 90%.

Planned activities:

Complete the installation of 16 wind turbines and installation works for SS-110/35kV, 110kV overhead lines, 35kV overhead lines

Commissioning – 3rd quarter of 2022