photo13 Bogatyr komir

Project Purpose:

The project involves a phased transition of the Bogatyr open pit mine to a flow technology of coal delivery by conveyor transport to near-surface averaging warehouses, followed by its loading at surface loading facilities. Increase the production capacity of the enterprise. Replace worn-out fixed assets at coal shipment, crushing and transporting.

Implementation period: 2013-2023.

Expected impact:

- Increase in production capacity of Bogatyr open pit mine from 32 million tons to 40 million tons of coal per year;

- Increase in labour productivity by 25%;

- Reduction of wagon turnover time by 2.5 times (from 14.3 to 5.4 hours) and introduction of processes for precise loading of coal without uncoupling of railway trains.

Current project status:

ThyssenKrupp equipment has been 100% delivered; construction and installation works have been completed. Start-up and adjustment works of electrical equipment of the following facilities are in progress: Stacker, Crushing and Trans loading points, hoisting belt conveyor, drum reclaimer. In December 2022, a test run with coal shipment to Astana CHPP was made.

Planned activities under the Project:

- Completion of commissioning works - III quarter of 2023.

- Commissioning - IV quarter 2023.