photo6 GRES 1

The project description: In October 1996, the power unit was decommissioned. The downtime of the power unit without its conservation was about 24 years. Most of the units of the main and auxiliary equipment were dismantled. Most of the unit's auxiliary equipment is missing due to its use for repair and restoration work of other power units. The boiler, turbine and the rest of the auxiliary equipment are now obsolete, have undergone corrosive and erosive wear and are inapplicable for further operation.

The project “Rehabilitation of power unit No. 1 with the installation of new electrostatic precipitators” is aimed at the construction of a power unit with an installed capacity of 500 MW with the installation of new electrostatic precipitators, which will increase the installed capacity of GRES-1 to 4 000 MW.

The project goals:

  • growth of current capacity up to 4000 MW;
  • creation of new jobs;
  • secure compliance with environmental standards through the installation of electrostatic precipitators
  • increasing the reliability of equipment operation and reducing the risk of accidents
  • cover the shortage of electricity in the Unified Energy System of Kazakhstan


Construction and installation works are underway.

It is planned to carry out pre-commissioning activities.

The project implementation period: 2012-2023