The winter race in Astana is held for the second time and on December 23 gathered more than 1,600 people. Participants had to cover distances of 5, 10, 21 and 42 km

The winter race in Astana is held for the second time and on December 23 gathered more than 1,600 people. Participants had to cover distances of 5, 10, 21 and 42 km. Due to extreme weather conditions (-25 ° C), the organizers of the sports event, referring to international rules, decided to cancel the marathon race, leaving only three distances.

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Winter running has its own characteristics and specifics, it is necessary to take into account the air temperature, wind strength, the presence of additional warm clothing, the condition of the coating-ice, snow, etc. 10 employees of the Corporate center of JSC "Samruk-Energo" went out to conquer distances of 5.10 and 21 km, seven of them were members of the running club "High voltage"(Hi Voltage) .

"We must pay tribute to our employees who regularly train at the High tension running club, as well as those who joined the training about a month ago — they overcame their distances well. The skills gained in practice, as well as the motivation from our coach, played a role. Was it supernatural? The motto of the Astana winter marathon was "Beyond the limits of possibility", I think that our employees have gained invaluable experience in overcoming their fears, expanded the boundaries of their capabilities, and made a step towards a better version of themselves", — comments Erken Akenev, Director Of the Department "Reorganization and sale of assets". He is one of the initiators of the creation of a running club in the corporate center of Samruk-Energo and covered 21 km at the Astana Winter Marathon.

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Dauren Akshalov, head of Samruk-Energy's Compliance Service, recently moved from Almaty to the capital. Sports play a big role in his life, which led him to the running club "High tension": "Participation in the winter marathon in Astana was a challenge to my body, which I successfully coped with. Now that the winter race is over, I plan to participate in other sports events. - Says Dauren Akshalov. — In my opinion, joint training, especially with colleagues, certainly strengthens the corporate spirit, as it is a way to get to know people who you are used to seeing in everyday work from the other side and the opportunity to communicate in an informal setting."

Manager Of the Department of Purchasing and Inventory management Bibigul Musina started training at the High voltage club a month and a half ago and decided to enter the winter race at a distance of 5 km: "For the first time in my life, I participated in a running competition. I ran 5 kilometers with ease, thanks to regular classes with our favorite coach raiane Amangeldy, in a short time taught us the technique of running and how to enjoy running, — Bibigul Musina shares her impressions of the competition. — We became more interested in this topic, read literature, and I once came across a quote from BIZ stone, which I now apply in practice : "for me, running is meditation. I run and turn in my head some question that does not give me peace. It's like the saying that the morning of the evening is "wiser", but for me "wiser" comes after a run. After some time, the decision comes by itself...". Holding the medal in my hands, I want to thank our company "Samruk-Energo", which supports our sports initiatives."

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Chief Manager of the Department "Strategic planning and economic analysis" Oirat Makhmetov went to the start of the winter race with his mother and brother. Together they covered a distance of 10 km and thus once again confirmed the status of a "sports family".

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Oirat himself is engaged in martial arts, he has a black belt in judo and a blue belt in Brazilian JIU-jitsu, and is an active member of the Samruk-Energo running club.

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"We try to run regularly with our entire sports dynasty of Makhmetovs. There is nothing unusual in this, our mother's perseverance is extraordinary - on Saturday, she ran the planned daily 10 km, and then drenched herself with cold water in the cold-27°! The next day, she took part in the winter marathon. But if there was no marathon on Sunday, my mother would still run her 10 km! That's who we all should be equal", — says the Oirat Makhmetov.

The high voltage running club (Hi Voltage) was created in March 2018 by an initiative group of specialists for joint running classes. The employees were supported by the management of Samruk-Energy and the trade Union. As part of this project, about 20 employees of the Corporate center are engaged in sports, form new healthy habits, improve physical fitness, and strengthen good relationships with colleagues. Classes are conducted by a professional coach from the sports club "GO!Sport Travel». On average, participants cover about 10 km per training session.

"Our goals are to promote a healthy lifestyle, strive for good physical shape and strengthen corporate spirit among our employees. We will continue to participate in sports events and promote sports!", said Erken Akenev.

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This year, power engineers from the BC "High voltage / Hi Voltage" took part in the Almaty Marathon 2018, Astana Marathon 2018, BI Marathon 2018, Almaty half Marathon 2018. Astana Winter Marathon 2018 was a good end to the running season in the outgoing year.

List of KC employees who took part in Astana Winter Marathon 2018 and results:

Erken Akenev. Department "Reorganization and sale of assets". Distance: 21 km. Time: 02:05:33
Erlan Bahtiar. The Department of administration. Distance: 21 km. Time: 02: 27: 16
Oirat Makhmetov. Department "Strategic planning and economic analysis". Distance: 10 km. Time: 01:03:23
Zhazira Tlepova. Department "Reorganization and sale of assets". Distance: 10 km. Time: 01: 23: 00
Askar Said. Compliance Service. Distance: 10 km. Time: 01:17:36
Damir Aidarov. Government relations and Communications office. Distance: 10 km. Time: 01:04:05
Dauren Akshalov. Compliance Service. Distance: 5 km. Time: 00:29:41
Alisher Tagines. Treasury and corporate Finance Department. Distance: 5 km. Time: 00:25:25
Bibigul Musina. Purchasing and inventory Management Department. Distance: 5 km. Time: 00:34:10
Rahim Musayev. Risk management and internal control Department. Distance: 5 km. Time: 00:30:20
Botagoz Ashaina. Kazakhstan branch trade Union of power engineers. Distance: 5 km. Time: 00:28:17
Note that regardless of the result, all participants of the winter race made a great achievement – they, first of all, won another victory over themselves.

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