"Shardarinskaya HPP" JSC

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Shardara hydroelectric power plant, located in  South Kazakhstan region is the last  dam of cascade of dams on Syrdarya River, which flows into the Aral Sea. The operating mode is mainly determined by releases from upstream reservoirs.

The purpose of hydraulic power system is comprehensive: irrigation, power generation, flood control, fishery, and water supply.

Impounding reservoir is designed for storage of winter runoff for irrigation.

A brief description

  • Commissioning - 1967.
  • Date of establishment - September 22, 1998
  • Installed capacity - 100 MW
  • Long-term annual average output - 377 million kW.
  • Number of units - 4
  • Headcount - 157 persons
  • Hydropower plant type – run-of-the-river
  • Purpose - irrigation, power generation, flood control.

Electricity generation:

"Shardarinskaya HPP" JSC generated a record volume in 2010 - 670 million kWh of electricity

At present the modernization of Shardarinskaya HPP project is underway. The main objectives of the project is replacement of obsolete and worn-out equipment, an increase in capacity of the power plant and power generation to meet the growing shortage of electricity in the region, improve reliability of equipment and reduce the power plant’s accidents risk level, improve the efficiency of the plant by reducing direct costs associated with repair and operational servicing of equipment.

Project implementation period:

  • 2010-2017

The effect of the project:

  • Increase in capacity of Shardarinskaya HPP up to 126 MW.
  • Production of additional 57 mln. KWh / annum


  • During construction period, on average - 200 people.
  • During operation, on average - 185 people.