“Shulbinskaya HPP” JSC

Interest: 92.14%


Shulbinskaya HPP is located in the middle reaches of Irtysh River, 70 km upwards of Semey city. Construction of hydropower plant began in 1976, it launched the first hydraulic unit into operation on December 23, 1987, and the last of six hydraulic units was put into operation on December 19, 1994.

The capacity of hydropower plant’s facilities  is designed to pass under normal headwater level of 240 m maximum flood with a probability of exceeding 1% - 7770 m3 / s, with a maximum headwater level 243 m 0.01% probability - 8770 m3 / s.

Shulbinskaya HPP facilities includes:

  • Building of hydropower plant
  • Earth dam
  • Ship lock
  • Reservoir
  • Conjugation structures
  • Outdoor switchgear 220 kV

The major shareholder of "Shulbinskaya HPP" JSC is "Samruk-Energy" JSC - 92.14% of shares.