"Almaty Power Plants" JSC

Interest: 100%


"Almaty Power Plants" JSC (“APP" JSC) is energy producing organization carrying out activity on production of heat and electricity in Almaty city and Almaty region. "APP" JSC supplies the population, industrial and agricultural enterprises with electricity and heat, and is a natural monopoly entity for the production of heat.

“APP” JSC was established by the decision of "KazTransGas" JSC No.92 dated 23.05.2006 and registered on 01.06.2006 under the state registration number of legal entity 78188-1910-AO. The company is now a part of  “Samruk-Energy” JSC group of companies. The organizational structure of "APP" JSC consists of 8 production units.

Production departments:

  • CHP-1 - production of electricity and heat;
  • CHP-2 - production of electricity and heat;
  • CHP-3 - production of electricity and heat;
  • Kapchagay HPP - production of electricity;
  • Cascade of hydropower plants - production of electricity;
  • Western Thermal Complex (WTC) - production of heat;
  • Production and Repair Company "Energoremont" (PRC) - repair of "APP" JSC equipment;
  • Center for receiving and discharging of fuel (CRDF) - reception and unloading of fuel for energy sources of "APP" JSC.

A shareholder of “APP” JSC is "Samruk-Energy" JSC - 100% of shares.

Almaty region is electricity and heat sale market for “APP” JSC  

In order to optimize the asset management structure of "Samruk-Energy" JSC, 100% of APP shares were transferred to direct management of the Company. Justification: The decision of “Samruk-Energy” JSC Board of Directors (Minutes No.77 dated September 9, 2013).