"Ekibastuz GRES-2" JSC

Interest: 50%


"Ekibastuz GRES-2" JSC is Kazakhstan energy company located in the Republic of Kazakhstan with installed capacity of 1000 MW.

In accordance with the Registry of securities holders as of December 14, 2019 registered ownership of JSC "Samruk-Kasyna" on 50% of shares of JSC "SEGRES-2".

Thus, the shareholders of SEGRES-2 JSC are: Samruk-Energy JSC (50%) and Samruk-Kazyna JSC (50%).

Ekibastuz GRES-2 has been designed with following main characteristics:

  • Installed capacity - 4,000 MW
  • Number of units – 8, 500 MW each
  • Fuel - high-ash coal of Ekibastuz coal basin

The first unit was commissioned in 1989. The second unit was put into operation in 1991.

The development of the plant was halted on the third unit at the stage of construction works. Part of the infrastructure has been fully completed (cooling pond, chemical water treatment station, startup boiler house, coal storage with the railway infrastructure, ash dump).

Characteristics of operating GRES-2

  • GRES-2 installed capacity is 1 000 MW, available - 934 MW
  • Power units No.1, 2 with turbine units K-500-240-4 LMZ + TVV-500 "Elektrosila" and boilers PP-1650-250-545 / 545 (P-57R) ZIO-Podolsk were put into operation in 1990 and 1993.
  • Construction of main building for power unit No.3 was completed by 70% in the period until 1993

The need and possibilities for further development of the plant 

There is an objective necessity and possibilities for construction of new power units at Ekibastuz GRES-2 site, since:

  • Operation of 2 units cannot ensure necessary security of supplies - because of this the power plant loses to competitors in terms of price.
  • Growing consumption of electricity even taking into account the reconstruction and expansion of existing plants will produce a supplementary demand of 3 000 MW by 2011.
  • Availability of ready infrastructure, the proximity of fuel sources will provide the project with competitive advantages over other potential projects on construction of generating facilities.

Technical solution – initially it was considered to expand the power plant by using CFB technology and tower type boilers).

CFB boilers are not produced in Russia, and their development will require indefinitely long time, boilers of foreign production with required capacity started only going through test runs and will also require considerable time to bind to characteristics of Ekibastuz coals.

The solution designed for the use of tower type boilers under real life conditions was much more time consuming and expensive than the boiler P-57R.

Both solutions - CFB boilers and tower type boilers - require disassembly of the roof of the existing building, which creates an open-air installation problem and seasonal constraints of operations and lead to the need to build a temporary partition between the 2nd and the 3rd units.

The analysis of advantages and disadvantages of various technical solutions options resulted in selection of the option with upgraded T-shaped boiler P-57R.

The expansion of GRES-2 by 500 MW unit No.3 with supercritical parameters was recommended in feasibility study. 

Composition and characteristics of No.3 unit’s main equipment:

  • Boiler - 1650t / h, 25 MPa, 545 C
  • Turbine K-500-240, 525 MW
  • Generator T3B-540-2U3, 540 MW