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“FWPP” limited liability partnership was established on June 27, 2011, it provides services on production of electricity, engineering and construction of facilities using renewable sources of energy, design and construction of facilities.

The working commission of 45 MW WPP signed the Act on August 14, 2015 in the framework of project “Construction of 45 MW wind power plant near Ereymentau city (Akmola region) including a potential expansion up to 300 MW”:

  • Installed capacity - 45 MW
  • Number of wind turbines: 22 wind turbines 2, 05 MW each
  • The class of WT: IEC 61400-1, wind class 2a (taking into account the climatic characteristics of WPP placement site).
  • Rotor type: 3-blade
  • Minimum wind speed: 3 m/s
  • Rated wind speed: 12 m / s
  • Maximum wind speed for WPP operation: 25 m/ s
  • Rotor diameter: 93 m
  • Tower height: 85 m
  • Tower type: conical tubular tower
  • Operating temperature: -40C to + 40C
  • Production will make about 172,2 mln. kWh of electricity per year.