As part of the implementation of the procurement category strategy "Oils and Lubricants" (hereafter referred to as PCS), an initiative for the resale of used oil has been launched. The sale of oil products is to be conducted in strict accordance with the National Standard "ST RK 3129-2018" and other regulatory documents governing the procedure for coordinating the collection, storage, documentation, delivery, and sale of used oils. The Fund's Portfolio companies have created guidelines for the resale of used oil that align with the Standard requirements for instruction on the organization of collection, storage, documentation, delivery, and sale of used oils.

The primary objectives of this initiative include:

- the preservation of natural resources.

- environmental protection to prevent pollution.

- ensuring the safe management of waste, which attains secondary raw material status.

- realizing additional advantages through the successful execution of the PCS.


The procedure for handling used oils comprises the following steps:

- the organization of segregated collection of used oils based on their categories;

- Establishment of temporary storage locations for used oils by structural units;

- Coordination of the delivery of used oils to designated warehouses;

- Facilitation of the sale of used oils;

- Maintenance of records tracking the receipt and transfer of used oil products.


Over the entire duration of this initiative's implementation, a total of 375,297 tons have been repurposed for processing, leading to a significant economic benefit of 20,5 million tenge.